Wolverhampton’s former Light House cinema has found a new operator

light house cinema wolverhampton
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Dust off your deerstalkers, people, because a mystery operator has been found to take over Wolverhampton’s beloved cinema site.

We like to give little updates on the UK cinema scene here on Film Stories. More often than not that means talking about cinemas closing down. It’s nice for a change, then, to say that Wolverhampton will be getting some form of cinema back after the beloved independent Light House closed this time last year.

As for who that operator is? Your guess is as good as ours – whether it’s another independent or a big chain, we’ll find out once the deal is finalised.

Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal said they had identified the operator after a “very competitive” selection process. As many as eight firms were thought to be bidding for the site earlier in 2023.

“We’re currently undergoing due diligence and finalising details of a long-term deal and partnership,” he said.

“This will bring the city centre Chubb Building cinema space back into vibrant use and bring tens of thousands of visitors every year to our city centre.”

The Chubb Buildings – the site of a former lock factory – were the home of the Light House since it opened in 1987. The independent cinema was one of many struggling economically after the pandemic, and reportedly failed to secure long-term funding.

Whether the new site will be another independent or not, though, we’re very happy Wolverhampton city centre is getting its screens back.

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