Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters: sending a small hello

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In our part of the site where we chat about mental health and general wellbeing, just something on reaching out to lost contacts.

Hello and a very warm welcome to Mental Health & Wellbeing Matters, our little bit of the Film Stories site where we talk about, well, mental health and wellbeing. As regular readers may know, it’s a place where we write about things that may be affecting you, us, or people around us. It’s not a place for miracle cures, sadly, although we would if we could.

We work on simple rules: not every article we run is going to be of use to everyone, but hopefully across this series, there’s something that’s of use to you. And also, comments are very welcome, and appreciated.

As we head into another ‘holiday’ time of year, this is just a small, simple thing we’re going to talk about this time around. And it’s this: just making contact with someone you’ve not spoken to, or made contact with, in a while. Simple as that.

The last two years have, of course, played havoc with communities, families and social contact in general. And whilst there’s been some repairing of that in recent months, even beforehand, it was hardly tricky to lose contact with people. For the pressures of everyday life to strain friendships and leave people distant. That goes two ways of course, and I’ve found myself in the past arguing with myself that ‘they never make the effort with me’. Sometimes I was right, too, but other times, the person in question was going through what could politely be described as challenging moments.

The older, supposedly wiser me, still has those thoughts from time to time. But also, as life goes on, the opportunity to get in touch with someone may for one reason or another disappear. As such, I’m going to practice what I write about here. I’ve sent a message or two to people I’ve not been in touch with for ages, for no other reason than life gets in the way sometimes. I’m not expecting anything miraculous things to happen, short of the fact that it’s the kind of human contact that hopefully does neither of us any harm, and hopefully a bit of good.

I hope you get the chance for just a little downtime and self-care over the next few days. Either way, sending you all the very best, and stay safe.

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