Heat 2 | Austin Butler reportedly in talks to star in Michael Mann’s thriller sequel

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Elvis and Dune: Part Two star Austin Butler is reportedly joining Adam Driver in Michael Mann’s Heat 2. More details on the sequel below.

Director Michael Mann is putting together the pieces of the puzzle that is Heat 2, a sequel to one his most acclaimed films, 1995’s Heat. It looks like cameras will roll on the long-awaited sequel this year still and Mann has confirmed that Adam Driver was in talks to star in the film, presumably taking on the role of Neil McCauley. McCauley was played by none other than Robert DeNiro in the original . 

Now, World Of Reel reports that Austin Butler is also in talks to star in the film, citing two unnamed sources.

Butler will reportedly take on the role of Chris Shiherlis, who was played by Val Kilmer in the original film. Other actors rumoured to be in the running for roles in the film include Ana De Armas and Al Pacino, the latter reprising his role as Vincent Hanna.

Butler is a busy man these days. He stole the show as Feyd Rautha in Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic Dune Part Two and will next be seen in Jeff Nicholls’s The Bikeriders. Butler is also filming Darren Aronofsky’s Caught Stealing this year, so it’ll be a tight squeeze to film Heat 2 as well. 

Mann already wrote at least some of the story in Heat 2, the novel, which was released in 2022 and co-written with Mann by Meg Gardiner. The story of that is both a sequel and a prequel, taking place before and after the 1995 film’s events. If you want to avoid spoilers, you may want to take that one off the reading list. 

Heat 2 is being planned for release in 2025. More on the sequel as we hear it. 

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