Billy Bob Thornton to star in Taylor Sheridan’s next drama, Landman

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Taylor Sheridan’s next drama, about big oil rigs in Texas, is now filming. It’s called Landman, and Billy Bob Thornton’s going to star.

Whether he’s writing, directing, acting, producing or most of those at once, Taylor Sheridan is an indescribably busy person at the moment. Not only is he in the process of completing the fifth and final season of Yellowstone, but work is also getting underway on another gritty-sounding none-more-American TV show. Called Landman, it’ll be set in present-day West Texas, and is all about the oil business – so a bit like a less kitsch Dallas, perhaps.

With filming now underway on location in The Lone Star State, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Billy Bob Thornton has taken on a starring role in the drama. Along with his appointment comes an official description, which reads as follows:

Set in the proverbial boomtowns of West Texas, Landman is a modern-day tale of fortune-seeking in the world of oil rigs. Based on the notable 11-part podcast Boomtown, the series is an upstairs/downstairs story of roughnecks and wildcat billionaires fueling a boom so big, it’s reshaping our climate, our economy and our geopolitics.

Sheridan is credited as co-creator on the show along with Christian Wallace, and he’s also listed as writer and producer; it’s not yet clear whether he’ll also act in it, as he did in the other recent series he created, 1883 and Yellowstone.

On the subject of Yellowstone, filming is also said to be getting underway on its final episodes this spring; it’s currently uncertain whether Oscar-winning star Kevin Costner will return to round out the saga, or how on earth Sheridan manages to keep track of all these projects he has on the boil.

With so much going on, it’s perhaps understandable that Sheridan needs to let off some steam on occasion – which might explain why he went on a mini-rant about Forrest Gump on a popular podcast in recent days. We’re guessing Tom Hanks won’t be starring in a Sheridan joint anytime soon.

More on Landman, and Taylor Sheridan’s ever-growing film and TV empire, as we get it.

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