Disney pushes forward with AI recruitment across its business

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Whilst its talent continues to strike against AI, Disney is pressing ahead with the current technical revolution.

According to ReutersDisney is creating an AI ‘task force’ that will create new roles within the company that use AI to explore the use of the technology and cut costs. The outlet states that 11 new roles were created for machine learning specialists and when filled, will allow the company to develop AI practices across the entire business to apply machine learning to develop new applications, form partnerships with AI-based startups and cut costs across the entertainment corporation.

The roles are said to cover virtually every area of Disney’s vast business, from theme parks to television. The formation of this ‘task force’ has reportedly been in the works for some time, preceding the writers and actors going on strike. Part of the reason Hollywood’s creatives (although not directors) have withdrawn their labour is because of film studios’ insistence on reserving the right to use AI in the screen industry to replace humans. If that is Disney’s aim across its entire business, then as this report suggests,  people in other areas of Disney’s vast empire may soon find themselves surplus to requirements.

It’s all said to be part of a drive to cut costs, including the spiralling price of film and TV production. But of course, what that means is ‘cut costs’ by replacing the efforts of humans with machines. If films cost too much (and they do, particularly some of Disney’s of late) can’t they start by making them shorter? Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny could have been 30 minutes shorter than its 154 minute running time and just as good, better even. That would have bought down the production cost. Plus, shave a few quid off the millions of dollars earned by top executives and you’re golden. There you go Disney, fixed it for you….

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