Evil Dead | Expect new sequels more frequently, Bruce Campbell confirms

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The next Evil Dead sequel isn’t going to take ten years to get to us, as Bruce Campbell reveals they’re going to come quicker.

This year’s hit horror sequel Evil Dead Rise was, at one stage, looking towards a streaming release. That there wasn’t quite the confidence in the franchise, given that it’d been off the screen for a decade. And before that, it was off the (big) screen for a decade.

Still, Warner Bros in the US gambled on a cinema release, and was richly rewarded. As was StudioCanal here in the UK. Over $140m in global takings, and then a success on home release too, there was already talk of more Evil Dead as Evil Dead Rise was playing in cinemas.

Bruce Campbell, one of the key pillars of the Evil Dead world, has confirmed that the frequency of the series is going to increase now. Chatting to Collider, he revealed that “we’re going to do them probably more like every two to three years now, rather than every 10 years. But, hey, we’ve seen with Star Wars – you don’t want to wear people out.”

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No much chance of that with Evil Dead over the last few decades. As Campbell points out, “we never wore out our welcome with Evil Dead because we never choked them.”


Lee Cronin, who wrote and directed Evil Dead Rise, clearly had a ball with the movie, and his star has shot up off the back of its success. So much so that while he’s indicated previously that he’d like to tackle another Evil Dead film, there’s no guarantee he’ll return. That’s not to say that Campbell and series founder Sam Raimi don’t want him. Just that there’s a chance he may opt to move onto one of the other offers likely to have come his way.

By Campbell’s words, it’s likely we’ll have whatever the next Evil Dead film is by 2026 at the latest. As ever, we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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