Godzilla x Kong sequel lands a new director after Adam Wingard departs

godzilla x kong
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I Am Mother director Grant Sputore is the filmmaker charged with the next Godzilla x Kong film, as Adam Wingard opts to make Onslaught instead.

There’s no stopping the Monsterverse, probably the most active cinematic universe this side of Marvel-land at the moment. Warner Bros enjoyed another success this year with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the second movie in the series to be directed by Adam Wingard.

Wingard’s pair of films impressed few on the critical side, yet there’s no arguing with the box office. At a point in cinema history where genuine hits are thin on the ground, fair play to Mr Wingard and his team: they’re delivering.

Wingard has a slate of other projects calling for his attention – including the long-mooted Face/Off 2 – and so opted out of directing the next Godzilla x Kong, whatever it turns out to be (in spite of saying that he’d be interested in doing a third film). Legendary Entertainment hasn’t wasted much time recruiting a replacement though, with Grant Sputore hired to sit in the director’s chair instead.

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A veteran of the commercials world, Sputore has the movie I Am Mother on his curriculum vitae thus far, a 2019 release starring Hilary Swank. It’d be fair to say that the move to the Monsterverse is a sizeable step up in terms of scale.

The script for the new film is already being written, with Dave Callaham hired to put together some words. He is in the process of doing so. There’s no news yet on when the film will arrive, but don’t be surprised if the whole thing is turned around in two years or so.

As for Adam Wingard, his next film is going to be Onslaught, a new action feature he making for A24 (as part of A24’s move towards more commercial fare).

More news on these projects as we hear about them, of course.

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