Peaky Blinders | Movie is gearing up for a 2024 shoot

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Steven Knight confirms that the Peaky Blinders movie script is nearly written, and filming will begin this year.

Steven Knight is a man wearing several hats, as always. He’s writing a Star Wars film for a start, and overseeing the Digbeth Loc studios complex that’s opening up in Birmingham. On top of that, he’s hard at work on the next chapter in the story of Peaky Blinders, as his hit TV show looks to make the jump from television to cinema.

It’s not new news that Knight is planning a Peaky Blinders film, as he was saying as much when the television show wrapped up. Furthermore, he’s been open about the fact that he actually wants to shoot the film in his native Birmingham, and now he has the film production facilities to be able to do so.

All it requires now is for the greenlight to be given and for filming to begin – and things are advancing there as well.

In a conversation with the Radio Times, Knight confirmed that he’s still in the writing stage for the movie, but also, that the script is nearly done. “I’m just working on the final bits of it at the moment”, he told the outlet.

He talks a little about his writing process in the piece as well, before giving some indication of when we can expect things to start moving. “The plan is to start shooting that in the middle of [2024]”, he revealed. If he completes filming by the end of the year, that strongly points towards a release date in 2025.

There’s no casting news as of yet, but it’s expected that Cillian Murphy will return for the movie. We’d expect more tangible news in that department over the next couple of months. More as we hear it – and maybe more too on the assorted Peaky Blinders spin-offs that Netflix is working on.

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