Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 | Disney reportedly wants Johnny Depp after all

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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 won’t have Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow in a lead role – but Disney reportedly wants him back.

It’s little secret that Disney has been exploring ways to bring the Pirates Of The Caribbean saga back to the big screen, and it’s also little secret that it was plotting a path that didn’t involve Johnny Depp too. There’s no way I’m wading into the reasons why – social media sites exists where such discussion can happily stay – but a couple of options were being considered. None of those involved Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now though, it sounds as though there’s been an about-turn at the studio. A fresh report suggests that not only is Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 active and still under due consideration, but that Disney wants Captain Jack Sparrow to make an appearance. This won’t be a fresh film with Johnny Depp in the lead, rather that he’ll be reintroduced in a supporting role in the film.

The current state of the new movie is that Craig Mazin had been hired to work on a screenplay. He’s doing so alongside Ted Elliot, he’s been on the franchise from the start. Mind you – yeah, I’ll say it – it’s not a franchise where the quality of the films has been on the high side.

The first one? A lot of fun. Every single sequel since? I’ll go with ‘significantly less fun’. It feels like a long, long time since we’ve had a good Pirates Of The Caribbean film.

It’s unclear if Depp actually wants to appear in a new movie anyway, and we’re also no closer at the moment to working out who’d direct it anyway. Still, producer Jerry Bruckheimer will occasionally feed the publicity machine for it, and Disney would presumably like to unlock the franchise again. We’ll bring you more on Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 as we hear it.

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