Producers of Brightburn 2 want to use AI, Metaverse in upcoming films

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Could the planned Brightburn sequel include the greatly-maligned technologies? The film’s producers haven’t ruled it out. 

2019’s Brightburn was a fun twist on the superhero genre, setting out a horror-tinged take on the Superman mythos. Although it was only four years ago, that was a point when the genre still felt like it contained the ability to surprise you, and the dark spin on the boilerplate superhero origin tale was a pretty fun watch.

The producers of the film are planning a sequel, but according to Deadline are planning to take their upcoming slate of films in a direction which may not prove to be as popular. The producers, known as The H Collective, have launched H3 Entertainment, ‘a company they say will look to integrate the Metaverse, Web3 and AI into a slate of films.’

Whilst talk of AI is a constant in our lives and the film industry right now, we haven’t heard so much about the Metaverse or Web3 of late, partly due to sizeable public backlash regarding extreme scepticism over the value that these concepts will offer to their users.

However, this doesn’t seem to have deterred H3 Entertainment, which has released a statement saying it will “respect professionals and fans while promoting responsible technology integration.” Oh, okay. We’re sure things will work out just fine now that they’ve made that clear.

In a statement, the new company says: “Incorporating new technologies into our workflow is about enhancing and complementing, not replacing the human touch in filmmaking. Our primary commitment remains with our skilled workforce. We are determined to use technology to assist, not overshadow, the irreplaceable human touch in cinema.”

H3 adds its aim is to “introduce new revenue avenues through Web3 and the Metaverse, creating a fairer and more inclusive profit-sharing entertainment model for stakeholders like talent, fans, and IP holders to benefit and participate. Additionally, H3 Entertainment is developing ways to utilise AI to efficiently process entertainment data as well as introduce responsible usage of AI elements into the creative process.”

Hmmm. We can’t help but feel that the company is not doing a great job of reading the room here. Whilst other companies may well be continuing to explore future uses for these unpopular technologies, nobody is publicly discussing it, given the loud and sustained backlash surrounding concepts such as Web3.

We’ll see where things go from here, but we reckon enthusiasm for a Brightburn sequel could be severely diminished if it is going to be associated with the technologies mentioned above.

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