Russell Crowe’s The Exorcism sets summer UK release date

Russell Crowe in a brown curly wig for the new The Exorcism trailer
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Better start bulk-buying holy water – Russell Crowe’s The Exorcism has set its UK release date. More below…

It’s been an odd morning in the Film Stories office, but despite the suddenly upside-down crucifixes, displaced laughter and the accounts team suddenly spider-walking up the walls, we’re still on hand to deliver the latest film happenings to you lovely lot. You’re very welcome.

Good thing, too, because Russell Crowe’s much-anticipated re-donning of the cassock, The Exorcism, is officially winging its way into UK cinemas on 21st June.

Originally known as The Georgetown Project, Joshua John Miller’s film stars Crowe as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor shooting a supernatural horror film (hence the title, we assume).

But when all sorts of unpleasantness starts to go down, his estranged daughter (Ryan Simpkins) questions whether he’s slipping back into his old addictions – or if something more sinister is at play (our money’s on the latter).

Check out the The Exorcism trailer below:

This marks the second priest-adjacent outing from Crowe in the last couple of years, after 2023’s The Pope’s Exorcist (no relation) rode into cinemas on a vespa and made chirping noises at a gaggle of nuns (we loved it).

The Exorcism seems to be taking a slightly more meta approach to the traditional demon-pulling narrative – consider us bloody well intrigued…

Now, does anyone know how to get pea soup out of a photocopier?

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