Saw XI | Kevin Greutert confirmed as director

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Lionsgate is bringing Saw back to cinemas again this September, as Kevin Greutert signs up as director on Saw XI. More here.

The return of Saw to the big screen (again) last autumn went really rather well, with Saw X earning the best reviews the saga has seen in recent times (and that includes the sort-of spin-off Spiral).

Behind the camera for Saw X was director Kevin Greutert, who had helmed two of the earlier films. And now, the folks over at Bloody Disgusting are reporting that he’s now been confirmed as the director of the upcoming Saw XI.

It’s not the world’s biggest surprise, though, given that Kevin Greutert was playing nicely coy when quizzed about a further chapter during press for the last film, telling us that he’d like to one. Still, it seems confirmed now.

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Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger penned thee last chapter in the series, and they’d already been confirmed for Saw XI. All concerned really need to get a crack on, though. Lionsgate is getting the saga back on its annual footing, and it had already confirmed that Saw XI will be in cinemas in time for Halloween. Specifically, it’s dated the film for September 27th 2024.

Casting hasn’t yet been confirmed for the new film, though, but we’d imagine that filming is going to be getting underway very shortly. Expect a generous dose of news this side of Easter is our feeling.

In the meantime, without a synopsis or a clue which way things are going to go from here, we leave you with our review of Saw X, which can be picked up from video on demand services, as well as physical media.

You can read that review here, and as we hear more on Saw XI, we’ll update you with the news. We’re sure no other website will bother to do so. Ahem.

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