Trailer released for Flamin’ Hot, the Cheetos origin story

flamin' hot
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It’s the secret origin story that you never knew you wanted: how the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto came to be…

There’s definitely some things to look forward to ahead of the release of Flamin’ Hot on Disney+ in early June. It’s Eva Longoria’s feature directorial debut. It gives centre stage to underrepresented voices. For those of us who love to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole watching videos about the secret origin of fast food oddities like McDonalds McRib, this should definitely be our speed.

The film will tell the story of just how the popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos snack came to be. If we have one concern, its that these films can run the risk of becoming feature-length adverts for corporate products, using the art-form of cinema to do little more than remind us that a product exists and look, isn’t it brilliant? This was definitely an issue with Ben Affleck’s Air, a very-well made film about the creation of Nike’s Air Jordan shoes. Despite boasting some great performances and wonderful scenes, it managed to miss the mark when it came to saying something interesting or insightful about the product or the company at the heart of the story.

Of course, not everyone of these films has to be The Social Network and nor should they but hopefully, Flamin’ Hot has something human at its heart. The trailer certainly looks like the film is aiming to do that but we’ll know for sure when it releases on June 9th.

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