World’s last Blockbuster store now doubles as an AirBnB

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The last Blockbuster Video store left standing in the US is now allowing you to, well, spend the night there – and it won’t cost much to do so.

As synonymous with the 90s as Ninja Turtles and Global Hypercolour t-shirts, we all know that streaming services and online shopping were essentially the death knell for Blockbuster Video stores across the world. However, one still remains open for business in Bend, Oregon, USA.

What’s more, as reported by Dark Horizons, if you happen to be a resident of the county where the Blockbuster that time forgot is still open, you can now choose to stay there overnight, with full access to the store’s huge collection of movies.

Whilst your first thought may be that this is an original and inventive way to raise revenues and stave off the closure of the world’s last Blockbuster, the paltry price of $4 per night suggests that the origin of this idea may be more altruistic and community-minded. After all, the amount of sanitation products that the site listing details as being available sounds like it would cost more than the price of a one-night stay.

Don’t go hunting for your passport just yet though, as you do have to be a local resident to enjoy what would surely be the ultimate movie sleepover.

The accommodation area of the store is also described as sporting ‘furniture, decoration and snacks that harken back to the 90s.’

Sadly, the rest of us will have to get our Blockbuster hit of nostalgia by either rewatching the store’s brief appearance in 2019’s Captain Marvel or awaiting the upcoming documentary, The Last Blockbuster, which delves into just how the lone store in Bend, Oregon is still operating. That film is currently showing in drive-thru cinemas in the USA and you can find more details here.


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