Disney | Delays hit three more of its films, with movies pushed to 2025

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Disney drastically delays the live action Snow White film, the next Pixar movie, and Magazine Dreams to 2025.

As threatened, Disney has now begun delaying some of its big movies, with no clear resolution in sight to the ongoing actors’ strike in Hollywood.

First up – as reported by Variety – Disney has delayed its live action film,  Snow White by a full year, pushing the movie back to March 2025.

The movie stars Rachel Zegler as the title character and Gal Gadot as the evil queen who plots Snow White’s downfall. The project’s production has become the focal point for the struggles Disney has faced over the last few years to appease audiences that have become increasingly polarised from a cultural standpoint. That in turn has led to the film facing heavy and sustained criticism from several quarters.

Whether a delay will help Disney in this regard remains to be seen, but Snow White isn’t the only project being pushed back. Pixar’s upcoming film Elio has also received a hefty postponement with that film’s release date being rescheduled from 1st March 2024, to 13th June 2025.

Finally, Searchlight Pictures, another Disney subsidiary, has delayed the release of Magazine Dreams, taking it off the release schedule entirely. The film’s star, Jonathan Majors, has been mired in controversy and legal issues of late and will soon be headed to trial. With Magazine Dreams slated to release in December, around the same time as Majors’ trial, it’s not hard to see what a public relations disaster that could have been, so the film has been pulled from the release schedule indefinitely until the trial is done and a verdict is reached.

Even if Majors does clear his name, though, revelations throughout the trial could still make releasing the film an unpalatable proposition.

While the actors’ strike continues to cause disruption in Hollywood, there are notes of cautious optimism from both sides that we might finally see a resolution this week. Perhaps then, these regular updates of delayed films will become a thing of the past. One thing’s for sure though: this latest raft of postponements will play havoc with Disney’s schedule and expected income – the last thing the beleaguered company needs as it tries to steer itself back towards the kind of success it was enjoying before the pandemic.

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