Monolith trailer | Evil Dead Rise star Lily Sullivan stumbles on an alien artefact in new thriller

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Lily Sullivan plays a disgraced journalist who comes across a strange artefact that might be of alien origin. Take a look at the Monolith trailer. 

It’s been a bit of a rubbish start for horror films so far in 2024, with Night Swim falling short of expectations. Could Monolith, Matt Vesely’s high concept sci-fi horror, be the answer to our prayers? 

Evil Dead Rise star Lily Sullivan stars as a journalist and podcaster who uncovers a potential alien conspiracy. Say no more, you had us at ‘alien’. And also ‘conspiracy’.

Take a look at the Monolith trailer below. 

Sullivan is the only actor on screen during the film’s 94 minute runtime. Others only lend their voices to the film, which also takes place in a single location. (Sounds a little bit like The Guilty, a 2018 Danish thriller remade in 2021 and starring Jake Gyllenhaal plus the voices of Ethan Hawk, Peter Sarsgaard and more besides.)

Before she was hunting aliens, Sullivan was fighting Deadites in last year’s Evil Dead Rise. She starred as Beth, who was forced to pick up the iconic chainsaw once wielded by Bruce Campbell in Lee Cronin’s brilliantly bloody reboot. 

Evil Dead Rise was received warmly by audiences and critics, but there’s no word on a sequel yet. Campbell, who starred in the original trilogy, seems confident there’s more where Evil Dead Rise came from, but nothing is official as of yet. 

Monolith is skipping cinemas in the UK and heading straight to digital. You can buy and rent the film from 26th February. 

Just because it’s going straight to digital doesn’t mean you should dismiss the film, of course. Monolith played at SXSW, The Adelaide Film Festival and FrightFest in London. It also holds an impressive 90 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. We’ve already noted the date down in our diaries.

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